Aric - Counselor


I live in Shady Spring, WV and attend Bible Baptist Church. I am a junior at West Virginia Institute of Technology, majoring in Chemical Engineering.

While living with my mother, I would sometimes go to church with my grandparents. After several months of hearing about God, I asked my mother how to be saved. She prayed with me and I believed I was saved at the age of 6. A year passed and I started to feel a tug at my heart. I began to realize that I was not truly saved, that I had just prayed a meaningless prayer. After listening to a few more sermons at my grandparents’ church, I realized that I needed to get saved. A few days later, I knelt beside my dinner table and prayed for God to save me and come into my heart. Later, I moved in with my grandparents. I started growing in the Lord and understanding the Bible as I grew up in church and with godly grandparents.

I wanted to work at Alpine because I believe this is what the Lord has planned for me. Through my past, I have been given a heart to help kids. Alpine helped me as a child when I was confused and hurt. I want to be able to help children to grow in the Lord the way He helped me grow.

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