Carolyn - Girls' Head Counselor


My hometown is right down the road from Alpine: Beckley, WV, and my home church is Daniels Bible Church. This spring I graduated with a Bachelor of Arts from Appalachian Bible College.

I grew up in a very strong Christian home with godly parents who loved the Lord. They daily lived and taught the gospel to me so I understood how to be saved. I prayed many times when I was young but I do not think that I was genuinely saved until I got into high school. It was then that I was challenged in my faith and had to search for what I actually believed and not simply what my parents believed. It was then that I saw change in my life and I had a true desire to follow the Lord.

This is my fourth year at Alpine. Every year is an absolute joy! I am so excited to work here again! This will be my first year in the position of head counselor and I am excited to learn more about how camp works and fill my new role here. I love meeting and getting to know campers and seeing the Lord work in their hearts! I have seen God do amazing things at Alpine and I am so blessed to be able to be a part of what He is doing!

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