Cortney - Counselor


I live in Clarksburg, WV. I have a great mom and dad and six brothers; four older than myself and two younger. We attend Saltwell Church. I have graduated from high school through a home school program. I am currently studying Greek, which has expanded my knowledge of the Bible and has given me a deeper understanding of God’s Word!

I was born in Minnesota. When I was 4 my family moved to South Africa, where we served as missionaries. Growing up in Africa has given me memories and experiences that I never want to forget! I was saved and baptized at a young age. As I got older into my teenage years I wondered about my salvation, if it was for real, but God assured me through His living Word that I was truly forgiven. He is still teaching me new things every day! When I was 13 we moved to wild, wonderful West Virginia. God has really zeroed in on my spiritual life and has shown me the true goals that I need. This life is not based on me! One of my goals is to be able to have engraved on my tombstone “A Heart after God’s own Heart”: that is how I want people to remember me. God has given me such assurance of my salvation through faith in His Word and my wonderful church family. This life has no point without our God and I want to proclaim that wherever I go!

I am looking forward to serving at Alpine! I want to help direct kids to see the real point in life and to plunge into a complete faith in Jesus Christ. I love working with children and I know that Alpine will be a great place for me to serve the Lord during the summer and have a great time doing it!

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