Daniel - Counselor


I am originally from Albany, Oregon. My current church is Mount Tabor Baptist Church right here in Beckley, West Virginia. I just graduated from Appalachian Bible College this May in the Pastoral program with an emphasis in the study of New Testament Greek.

I grew up in a Christian home with both my parents being solid believers. My dad was (and still is) a pastor of a small church, so I heard about the gospel message growing up in church, but never really understood it. I did not understand what Jesus’ dying on the cross had to do with me personally. It wasn’t until later at about the age of 12 that I finally understood that my being a sinner separated me eternally from God and there was nothing I could do myself to make it to heaven. Jesus had paid the penalty that my sin deserved so that if I put my faith in what He had done, I could have a relationship with God and go to heaven when I die. I made the decision to follow God for myself at this time and make my faith my own and not rely on anyone or anything else than Jesus Christ for salvation.

I really wanted to work at Alpine this summer partly to get more experience working with young people. I have never worked at a camp before or been to camp as a camper, so I really wanted to experience the camp aspect of ministry. I know that camp can have a lasting impact on young people and that many spiritual decisions have been made that have impacted people for the rest of their lives and have directed them in a closer walk with the Lord. I want to grow in my relationship with the Lord and be used to point others to Christ for salvation and a closer relationship with him.

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