Matthew - Counselor


I am from Fayetteville, NC, and I attend Maxwell Hill Baptist Church. This fall I will be a junior at Appalachian Bible College, in the Missions major.

I was born into a Christian family where I was taught the Bible at church, school, and home. I knew the Gospel well and understood that I needed to be saved. I was told to pray a prayer to be saved, but I never quite understood it. I struggled with doubting my salvation till I was 15. I attended a camp called The Anchorage and my pastor spoke about salvation. He explained that salvation was by faith alone in the work Jesus accomplished on the cross. That day I turned my faith from a prayer to Jesus alone, and I know I was saved by the change I experienced that day.

I chose to serve at Alpine to challenge myself spiritually and physically. I know this is going to be an uncomfortable experience, but I'm ready for God to grow me throughout the summer.

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