Zachary - Counselor


I am from Beckley, West Virginia, and I attend Cranberry Baptist Church. I am a senior in the Camping Ministry Major at Appalachian Bible College.

I was born to a pair of Bible College professors, and I grew up in church and around the Bible. Although I cannot remember the first time I heard the gospel, I know that I heard it multiple times as a child. One Sunday morning as a six or seven-year-old, I sat in the service, not really focusing on what the pastor was saying but on what I had heard about sin, hell, and Jesus. I had heard that I had to be punished for my sin, but that I could go to heaven because of what Jesus had done on the cross. That Sunday morning, during the invitation, I tugged on my mom’s skirt and told her that I wanted to know how to go to heaven when I died. At this point my mom did a wise thing, she told me to wait and talk with her when we got home. She was just trying to see if I was serious about this request or if it was simply parroting what someone had told me to say. I walked home and that afternoon my mom showed me verses from the Bible. I prayed and, the best I knew how, put my faith in Christ alone for salvation from my sins. I was baptized about a year later.

I will be fulfilling an internship requirement while counseling this summer at Alpine, but I am looking at this summer as much more than an internship. Having already served as a counselor at a different camp for a summer, I am looking forward to a summer of ministry in West Virginia.

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