Alpine Outdoor Education

Customize your field trip for public, private, or home school group with Alpine's Outdoor Education. Each class in our T.R.E.E. Curriculum fulfills state standards for educational excellence.

Look up at a night sky exploding with stars. Get up close to an ant as she carries a load 20 times her own body weight. Listen to the music of a backyard pond coming alive at twilight. Each of these everyday wonders clearly teach the majesty, power, and character of our Creator God. At Alpine, it is our desire to guide students to discover truth about God and His world through the things that He has made.

Visit Alpine for an unforgettable learning experience exploring God’s created wonders in the T.R.E.E. House and throughout the natural areas all over our campus. Each class features hands-on, interactive learning experiences in the great outdoors.

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Alpine Outdoor Education's T.R.E.E. House is now open! Come discover the creatures that live inside.