Meet the Outdoor Education Director:

Braden Stone

Braden Stone

All around us, creation speaks of God’s wonders. But, how often do we stop and “listen” to what the natural world can teach us? In the increasingly climate-controlled world of today, many young people have little to no exposure to wild places. If they are not experiencing creation, how can we expect them to learn from it? It is my deep desire to provide positive explorations of our environment for students with the purpose of teaching them truths about God through the things He has made.

I graduated from Appalachian Bible College in 2011 with a BA in Bible Theology/ Missions Language. In 2008 I counseled at Alpine and served in different capacities of the Bible Camp staff until the summer of 2011. After which, I became the Youth Director of a local church. I have a passion for young people and seeing them develop a love for the Lord and for his creation. I'm convinced that camp is a wonderful place to have that type of spiritual impact on others. I enjoy soccer, hunting, camping, and playing Legos, which my wife lovingly puts up with.

It would be a joy to converse with you further about the many ways our Outdoor Education program here at Alpine can benefit your students. Our Creation Exploration Classes and Adventure Activities offer a variety of fun, educational opportunities for discovery and growth. Your students may enjoy scooping up critters from our Pond Community, building mountains in a geology class, climbing to the top of our 40’ Climbing Tower, or coming up close and personal with the live animals that reside in our T.R.E.E. House. Feel free to contact me to discover more about Alpine Outdoor Education!

In Christ,
Braden Stone
Isaiah 6:8
Director of Outdoor Education