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Bringing the outdoors into your classroom.

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Are you unable to travel to Alpine? No worries; now you can experience the wonder of an Alpine field trip without leaving your school. Outside In brings hands-on activities, demonstrations, games, and even live animals into your classroom or assembly to meet you where you are.

Each class is designed for a one-hour time block but can be moderately shortened or lengthened depending on your needs.

Class Opportunities

Classes are designed for grades K-8 but can be adapted to any grade level. Choose from the following five classes:

Reptiles and Amphibians (with live animals)

What’s the difference between a salamander and a lizard? A frog and a pollywog? How do snakes move without legs? Students will answer these questions and many more as they discover the fascinating truth about reptiles and amphibians through fun games and firsthand encounters with live specimens.

Rotten Log Ecology (with live animals)

Is an old rotten tree stump good for anything? In this class, students will explore the hidden mysteries and complex processes within a decomposing log. Through the investigation, they will gain understanding of the importance of death and decay within a forest ecosystem.


The average American uses nearly 700 lbs of paper every year, but few people really understand how that paper is made. After discussing the process and resources required to produce paper, students have the opportunity to make their own paper out of natural and recycled materials. We’ll also discover the paper-makers of the natural world: wasps.

All About Birds

In this class, students explore the incredible designs of several types of bird beaks, feet, and feathers that enable them to hunt, fly, and thrive in a variety of habitats. As students try their hand at building bird nests, they will gain a deeper appreciation for the innate skill of our fine feathered friends.

Star Lab Planetarium

The Star Lab Planetarium requires a large room with high ceiling, such as a gymnasium. Learn More

Cost and Registration Details

If you see another program in our Outdoor Education Curriculum that you would like to come to your school, contact us and we will work with you to bring your ideal Outdoor Education experience in.

  • Single Class: $100 per class up to 25 students
  • Star Lab: $130
  • Location must be within 100 miles driving distance from Beckley, WV.
  • Outside In is not suited for individual homeschool families.

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Contact: Braden Stone
Phone: (304) 877-6427
Email: outdooreducation@abc.edu

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