T.R.E.E. House

Imagine a place where the outdoors come to life inside. Natural objects are displayed in every corner, and live animals rest in their natural indoor habitats. Visitors play with animal tracks, count the rings on a giant tree cookie, or participate in a variety of hands-on explorations. Everything in the building boldly declares the glory of God, the Creator, through its exquisite design. Although there’s plenty of things to see and do inside, visitors are encouraged to venture outside and explore the native plant garden, bird feeders, animal habitats, and outdoor learning patio. They can then take the next step in their creation study by hiking the self-guided Creation Discovery Trail.

The place described above is none other than Alpine’s new T.R.E.E. House, a headquarters for Outdoor Education and a haven for kids of all ages who appreciate the outdoors. This attractive, nature-themed log cabin is used as a rainy day classroom, a place to examine collected specimens, a sheltered observation station for watching wildlife, and a home for a variety of living examples of God’s handiwork such as snakes and turtles.

TREE House

What Is T.R.E.E.?

Revealed through

Truth Revealed

In a society full of questions, the truth can be hard to find. At Alpine, our desire is to enable every student to discover the truth about the created world through first-hand observation.

Our T.R.E.E. Curriculum is designed to introduce students to a Biblical creationist perspective on the natural sciences. We are not attempting to coerce others to agree with the creationist model; instead we encourage scientific study and let the evidence speak for itself.

Environmental Education

As students observe and explore the truth all around them, it is our goal that they will develop into conservation-minded stewards of our environment. We seek to instill an appreciation of our natural world in the heart of each student, so that he or she will be motivated to take responsible care of our natural resources.

Public and private schools alike will benefit from our quality curriculum and knowledgeable instructors. Whether you bring your students for one class or a three-day retreat, Alpine Outdoor Education is sure to leave a lasting impression on you and your students.