Canoe Excursion

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Paddle your canoe around a pristine 270-acre lake surrounded by serene, hardwood forested hills.

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All about the Canoe Excursion.

Your Alpine Adventures guide will provide instruction in proper paddling and maneuvering techniques for tandem, open faced canoes. Besides canoeing, you and your friends can enjoy the scenic Appalachian Mountains and wildlife by exploring, swimming, and hiking around the lake.

Best of all, spiritual application will be made during a Bible devotional time, creating a meaningful Christian activity for your youth group, family, or church group.

Minimum Age

10 years old



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Canoe Excursion is a full day activity and includes lunch and all necessary equipment. It is designed for 6 to 12 participants.


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  • Layering is recommended. Choose comfortable, breathable fabrics and wear a swimsuit underneath.
  • Men: modest trunk style swim suit.
  • Ladies: modest one-piece swim suit. No bikinis. Ladies should wear modest shorts over swimsuit.
  • Sun Protection: Sunscreen and a hat (large-brimmed) are recommended.
  • Inexpensive sunglasses with strap. Safety strap for regular glasses.
  • Water sandals or shoes for water recreation. Flip-flops and shoes without backs should be avoided.
  • In cool weather, use the above list with the following additions:
    • Wool, fleece, or polyester garment underneath a light rain jacket.
    • Avoid wearing cotton as much as possible (e.g., t-shirts or regular socks).

All participants should bring any necessary medications with them (e.g., inhalers, required prescriptions, allergy medications, or epi-pen).

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