Servant's Retreat

"And He said unto them, come ye yourselves apart into a desert place, and rest a while" Mark 6:31

Throughout the Gospels we see Jesus engaged in a cycle of intense ministry opportunities and then retreat. Whether He was healing the sick, raising the dead, confronting the religious crowd, or training His disciples, these draining times of physical, emotional, and spiritual laboring were segmented by times of withdrawal into wilderness places for refreshment, reflection, rejuvenation and most importantly, fellowship with the Father.

In our fast-paced day and age, most of us are usually quite effective at filling our schedules with a multitude of worthy and important ministry opportunities, but we’re often less than stellar at scheduling in times of retreat and reflection. If the greatest Servant of all made “retreat” as much of a priority as serving others, (often pulling away in the midst of throngs of people with a multitude of unmet needs), then how much more important is it for us to have these “down” times in our lives?

Here at Alpine, we recognize the need for this balance, and we are pleased to offer those who are laboring on the “front lines” an opportunity to “come away for a while” and be recharged through the Word, fellowship, reflection, and recreation.

Pastors Retreat Flyer


Pastors, Assistant/Youth Pastors, and/or Pastors' Wives


March 17-19, 2014
Check-in Monday from 1:00-3:00 PM
Check-out Wednesday at 11:00 AM


Dr. Daniel Anderson
President of Appalachian Bible College

Cost & Accommodations:

First Time Attendees — FREE! There is no cost to attend. All meals and accommodations are provided.

Previous Attendees — $10 per person. All meals and accommodations are provided.