Solid Rock Teens

Looking to Maximize Your Summer? Ask about SRT!

Develop counseling skills, grow spiritually, and learn what it means to be a godly leader! Alpine’s Solid Rock Teens experience all this and more in a leadership training program lasting two to three weeks. Counselors become mentors to SRTs as they learn to share a devo, lead team building, and effectively develop relationships with campers during Junior Camp. SRTs also have the opportunity to assist with various camp responsibilities, such as game facilitation and snack shop work. Add in exciting surprises on the weekends, and Solid Rock Teens is a program you won’t want to miss!




15 years old (going into 10th grade) through ’22 grads

Only 10 places are available!

Qualifications and Application Process

  1. A potential SRT must be a camper during a Teen Camp week.
  2. During the camper’s week of camp, they can talk to their counselor and the Program Director about being an SRT.
  3. The Program Director will have an interview with interested campers and will give them an application to fill out during their week of camp, or one may be filled out ahead of time online.
  4. Once the camper returns home, they will also need a pastor reference from a pastor or youth leader.
  5. The camper will be notified of their acceptance at least one week before the SRT Program begins.


July 10-23, 2022

Arrival will be July 10th, at 3pm at the Gilmore gym.

SRTs may, at the earliest, leave July 22nd after Junior Camp ends (around 6-7pm) and no later than July 23rd, by 10am.